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New electro-hydraulic grab.

Model PHE-24V

Over 30 years we have been selling our main product electro-hydraulic grab PHE.1.1200-24V600, with excellent results to our customers, so we´re improving our products daily to remain in the market as one of the leading Hydraulic grab, specially the new model with the following improvements:

flechitaHeight reduce to 300mm (with bucket rotor)

flechitaStronger and protected Hydraulic cylinder, fully protected

flechitaLightweight and tough High quality materials

flechita360º collector

flechitaReinforce shovel

flechitaConnecting tube, wire, bucket rotor and collector all protected and placed inside

flechitaHigher power Electro-hydraulic grab with energy-saving


Watch video of the newest  24V magnetic, working:


Fernie SL is constantly improving its manufactured products to make life easy.
Imán nuevo 24V para máquina de patio